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My Garden ~ grandson tells a goodnight story


Now that we’re living and working offshore, it’s always nice to keep up with how things are going at home in our absence. Our neighbour runs his cattle over to graze our property and so animals are still a presence at our place. And  it’s great to get photos of what people are doing. Number 2 Son recently sent us some snaps of his toddler son. A year ago before we left NZ, Himself read and re-read the story to our grandson about a black and white cow. This children’s story is based on a real life situation that happened a few years ago in New Zealand. The storybook has become battered as do children’s favourite things but evidently the reading habit has stuck – as grandson shows his moo(ve)s.  He is holding one toy cow from his farm animals toy collection that he’s had since he was two years old. 

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Author: Jenny

I live on a few acres in Northland, New Zealand. Some would say it's a lifestyle block. Others say it's a no lifestyle block. Always there's lots to do. However, this patch of land is the place where I dream and reflect on life.

2 thoughts on “My Garden ~ grandson tells a goodnight story

  1. I hope you’ll keep blogging about your garden, grandchildren and New Zealand, or wherever you may be traveling.

  2. Hello, the image on top of this blog submit is packing a little bit strange for me? I attempted sending an email however it bounced back again.

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